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Volume 7, Number 1 (2019) Professional Agricultural Workers Journal (PAWJ)

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H-2A Temporary Agricultural Workers on Small Farms: Case Study Observations and Lessons Learned
Barrett Vaughan, LeRosha Ford, Silvia Brashier, and Miles Robinson


Barriers to Management Intensive Grazing by Southern Dairy Farmers
Mohammed Ibrahim, Nalini K. Pattanaik, and Brian Cornish


Production Period of Different Browse Species Suitable for Grazing Small Ruminants
Bidur Paneru, Uma Karki, Shailes Bhattrai, and Nevershi Ellis


Insect Population Dynamics, Varietal Preference and Performance of Organic Bio-Pesticides
Anitha Chitturi, Jeanine Davis, Margaret Bloomquist, Franklin Quarcoo, Kokoasse Kpomblekou-A, and Desmond Mortley

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