Editorial Staff and Editorial Board

The Editorial Staff is made up of the editors, technical editor, and associate technical editor. The Editors are also part of the Editorial Board


David Nii O. Tackie, Robert E. Zabawa, Tasha M. Hargrove, and Walter A. Hill; Tuskegee University

Technical Editor

Karen W. Craig; Tuskegee University

Associate Technical Editor

Peter Kanyi; Tuskegee University

Editorial Board

Rosalind Harris, University of Kentucky

Dreamal Worthen, Florida A&M University

Raymon Shange, Tuskegee University

Marcus Bernard, Kentucky State University

Christopher Mathis, Jr., University of Arkansas Pine Bluff

Zelia Wiley, Kansas State University

Leonard Githinji, Virginia State University

Pamela Madzima, Federation of Southern Cooperatives/Land Assistance Fund

Franklin Quarcoo, Tuskegee University

Denis Ebodaghe, USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture

Alberta N. A. Aryee, Delaware State University

Amadou Diop, USDA Forest Service

Jannette R. Bartlett, Tuskegee University

Marikis N. Alvarez, Delaware State University

Suchet Louis, Tuskegee University

Odiase Sese Abhulimen, Propensity4 LLC