Editorial Staff

The editorial staff is made up of editors, technical editor, and board members as follows:


David Nii O. Tackie, Robert E. Zabawa, Tasha M. Hargrove, and Walter A. Hill; Tuskegee University

Technical Editor

Karen W. Craig; Tuskegee University

Associate Technical Editor

Peter Kanyi; Tuskegee University

Editorial Board

Rosalind Harris, University of Kentucky

Dreamal Worthen, Florida A&M University

Raymon Shange, Tuskegee University

Jillian Hishaw, Agricultural Attorney

Christopher Mathis, Jr., South Carolina State University

Zelia Wiley, Kansas State University

Jerry Pennick, Federation of Southern Cooperatives/Land Assistance Fund

Denis Ebodaghe, USDA-NIFA

Amadou Diop, USDA-FS

Marikis N. Alvarez, Delaware State University

Suchet Louis, Tuskegee University