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Special Issue: Volume 1, Number 2 (2014) Special Issue: Professional Agricultural Workers Journal

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Extending Sustainable Irrigation Opportunities to Socially and Historically Disadvantaged Farmers in the Alabama Black Belt to Support Commercial-Level Production
Raymon Shange, Richard Martin, Victor Khan, Kwesi Daniels, George X. Hunter, Gwendolyn J. Johnson, Steve Musser, William Puckett, and Walter A. Hill


A Case Study Analysis of a Regional Food System: The Sustainable Agriculture Consortium for Historically Disadvantaged Farmers Program
Tasha M. Hargrove, Walter A. Hill, John Brown, Miles Robinson, Iris Cole-Crosby, Elizabeth Myles, Billy Lawton, and Karla Martin


Small Farmers Agricultural Cooperative Launched
Miles Robinson, John Brown, Alice Paris, Walter A. Hill, Tasha M. Hargrove, Barrett Vaughan, Raymon Shange, Al Hooks, Demetrius Hooks, Thomas Turner, Bobby England, and Audrey Zeigler


Alabama's Women in Agriculture: The Road to GAPs Harmonization and Global Addendum - Tuskegee's Walmart Initiative
Gertrude D. Wall, Walter A. Hill, Barrett Vaughan, Barbara Shipman, Assata Maat, Rose Hill, and Shirley Tyson


Case Study of a Food Safety/Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) Educational Program for Small and Limited Resource Produce Farmers
Barrett Vaughan, Audrey Zeigler, Gertrude D. Wall, Miles D. Robinson, William A. Hodge, Conrad O. Bonsi, Ntam R. Baharanyi, and Walter A. Hill

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