Abstract Grazing system management is for supplying inexpensive, adequate nutrition for the goat enterprise. This involves managing forages to facilitate dry matter production and managing grazing so forage quality is adequate and harvest efficiency is high while avoiding consuming internal parasites. Since nutrient costs are greatest for winter, the grazing system should be planned to provide some grazing during winter. The forage system should be managed to provide the greatest proportion of nutrients possible during kidding and lactation. The base forage species can be overseeded with cool-season or leguminous species to improve forage production, quality or the seasonal distribution of forage production. A well-managed rotational grazing system can improve forage harvest efficiency, reduce consumption of internal parasite larvae and improve animal tameness. Good pasture management requires gathering information, planning and compromising to attain forage production objectives and the flexibility to cope with changes in the weather.

Keywords: Grazing System, Grazing, Forages, Pasture, Goat Production