Abstract Several goat breeds are available in the U.S. Selection of the breed should consider farm goals, production systems, markets and resources. Animal selection for breeding stock production and marketing needs to focus on breed characteristics, animal conformation, show winnings and animal pedigrees. Establishing at least one consistent market to include in a business/marketing plan that results in farm profitability prior to animal purchase is critical. After determining breed, animal selection will be critical, including choosing sellers, productive males and females with performance records, show animals, and animals with parasite resistance. For many farms, purchasing healthy, productive animals from sellers raising animals in a similar manner and environment as the buyer helps ensure animal production efficiency and thus farm profitability. Breed and animal selection research should start before investments are made in a farm to help support productivity and profitability and should consider goals, production system, markets, and resources.

Keywords: Suitable Breed, Animal Selection, Production Efficiency